• We will remove the concrete gutters from your house and solve all problems and leaks “guaranteed”.
  • You will have a beautiful house with everlasting non leak aluminium gutters in the colour of your choice with white PVC fascia’s.
  • You cannot have any problems as the water goes from the tiles into the gutters which are separate from the walls of your house.



We Are:

  • All staff have been CRB checked so you know they are safe around your children.
  • We don’t use subcontractors and only have full time employees. We do have one apprentice training for the future.
  • TLG has been removing concrete gutters for over ten years. We have done over a thousand houses and have had very few service calls. The period is fact not fiction as we see more and more companies claiming to have been doing this for 20 to 40 years.
  • Finlock concrete gutters were fitted in the 50s and 60s as the latest thing in technology. Over time with the change in heating in houses the concrete gutters couldn’t cope with the new heating systems in houses. The interior of the concrete gutters temperature was 20 degrees plus while the snow and ice in the actual gutter was often -10 degrees. The difference caused the gutters to move and break the joint seals. The concrete gutters then become porous and the water seeping through them gradually damages the concrete more and more until they are soft and start breaking up. Sections break off and as they are heavy could lead to serious injury or death if they fall off.
  • TLG has designed connectors to join concrete gutters to new gutters so if only part of a semi or terraced house is done the flow of water is not illegally altered. Remember that if you close off your neighbours gutter any internal damage he claims to sustain from this action could be laid at your door. Don’t think that as he has a downpipe on his side that you are immune from this liability. The original gutters are fitted level so the water has to be allowed to flow all ways.
  • We have made fittings for over windows so the lintel will not be drilled into thus avoiding weakening the lintel.
  • We use continuous aluminium gutter as it has a life of at least 30 years and because it is made on site to fit has no joints and cannot leak. The gutters replace finlock concrete gutters which have a high water capacity the aluminium is extra-large 125mm and is three times as big as square plastic gutter.
  • All the joints are done with polymers which are used to seal sea walls and have a factory guarantee not to leak for 25 years when used properly. Silicones won’t seal onto concrete or in wet areas for an extended time.
  • The Aluminium gutters we make are so tough that the paint is guaranteed for 20 years!!
  • We continuously train our staff and keep up to date with health and safety regulations.
  • All venting and repairs to the roof meet with the latest regulations.

The gutters are no longer part of the walls so the water is outside the house forever.


Company Reg. Address

20 Crawley Road 



DE24 9FZ

V.A.T Number: 924 9416 08