Ali Gutters



  • Colours don’t fade for 20 years Black (9005) White (9016) Brown (8017) Cream (1015) Green (6005) Grey (7037).
  • 3 times as much water as plastic – article by scientist Myles Allen from Sunday Times News Review page 8. 21/1.
  • 30Years minimum life – Should last 50 years.
  • No fittings visible, cannot tell visual difference to PVC except it doesn’t fade.
  • SAVE NATURE – “green” made from hydro power and fully recyclable.
  • 0.9mm version has BBA certificate for 30 years.
  • ECONOMIC fit once you won’t replace guttering for decades.
  • The same sealants used as used in the construction of sea walls EVERLASTING.
  • TOUGH ogee shape makes it take the weight of a ladder. Add T-REX leaf guard and then it’s really tough.


Aluminium gutter can be seen in many parts of the UK installed prior to 1970 still working well and like all well installed continuous aluminium gutter still not leaking.

The aluminium gutter is made on site to fit the house. The gutter machine is in a 7.5 ton truck converted to be a workshop with all the necessary Mustang components in racks.

White is the prettiest but like all types of white gutter wills how the dirt after a number of years. Colours are better for long term visual effect as dirt doesn’t show particularly the darker colours.

Always bear in mind Aluminium gutter is forever. If you plan to sell soon fit white (if it suites the character of the house) or if you plan to keep the house use a colour.


  • £250.00 (£300.00 including the V.A.T) to come to site and fit the aluminium gutter. We will normally remove the existing gutter but don’t have the facility to take the old gutter off site. You may need a skip for this or you can take the guttering to your local skip. If it’s cast iron your local collector will take it away. PLEASE remember that if you have hard to access areas or the gutter is unusually high you may need scaffold in some areas
  • The aluminium gutter costs £25.00 per metre (£30.00 including the V.A.T).
  • .9mm aluminium gutter to meet MUSTANG BBA CERTIFICATE specification £28.00 (£33.60 per metre including the V.A.T.
  • Mustang corners are £25.00 each (including polymer). £30.00 including the V.A.T
  • Mustang end caps are £5.00 each (including polymer). £6.00 including the V.A.T
  • Running outlets are free (including polymer) when purchased as part of the rainwater system.
  • £10.00 Water diverter to use on internal corners where a valley has a much greater water flow. £12.00 including the V.A.T


  • PVC Downpipes normally supplied in plastic due to the price.
  • The colours match the aluminium gutter colours.
  • 5 metre downpipe fitted cost £60.00 (£72.00 including the V.A.T)
  • 2.5 metre downpipe fitted cost £40.00 (£48.00 including the V.A.T)
  • Hopper if required £10.00 (12.00 including the V.A.T)

Aluminium Downpipes

  • Aluminium downpipes can be supplied in any colour which will not fade for 20 years.
  • The pipes are quite thick and not easily dented. A dent should not allow the paint to peel.
  • 6 metre downpipe fitted cost £240.00 (£288.00 including the V.A.T)
  • 3 metre downpipe fitted cost £160.00 (£192.00 including the V.A.T)
  • Hopper if required from £50.00 (excluding V.A.T)
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