How it’s Done


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Concrete Pan Tile Info
Concrete Pan Tiles

  • Our own scaffold is erected if there is no conservatory or extensions that limit the access to the concrete gutters. It will cost a bit extra if specialised scaffold is needed.
  • The concrete gutters are cut off with a stihl saw with a special blade to make the job fast and efficient. An adaptor is fitted to eventually join the new everlasting aluminium gutter to the concrete gutters of your¬†neighbour.
  • Tantalised timber is fitted to the left over concrete gutters. Normally fascias and small soffits are then fitted, all neatly trimmed into the windows so you can’t see the old concrete gutters.
  • A vent is fitted to the top of the fascia board to comply to the latest BBA specification. Read article.
  • Where required, Bird guard will be fitted below the tiles to prevent birds nesting. on many houses there are a row of rosemary tiles cemented to the bottom row of tiles. Tiles often break when they are removed and we will fit new tiles where this happens.
  • Aluminium gutter is made on site from rolls of Aluminium. It is made to fit and carries 3 times as much water as plastic guttering. All the gutter is made to fit so won’t leak. Polymers (which are used to build sea walls) are used to join the gutters to the adaptors. We have never had a leak since using it. It’s pricey but fail safe.
  • Leaf and snow guard are fitted if the client need it. 40 year warranty from Never clean the gutters again.
  • A skip is kept on site to get rid of the old concrete gutters and other rubble.
  • Our fitters are renown for the high quality of cleaning up at the end.